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Reload Thread: Unusual 2-Way Crossover Advice

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    Unusual 2-Way Crossover Advice

    CDT ES-02 "Tweeters" (250-20kHz)
    Rainbow Sound line 6.5" Midbass' (50-4250Hz)
    Ported 12W6v2
    No rear fill
    Fully active w/ a BitTen D
    50W per front driver, 500W to Sub (Alpine MRP)

    Tweeters are mounted in on axis pvc end caps where the dash and A-pillars meet, mids off axis low in the doors.

    Ive been playing around with different crossover points with this setup for a while and just can't seem to get it right, especially in the mid bass department. If i recall correctly I've got highs crossed at 600Hz 24db Linkwitz, mids from 80-1000Hz 24db Butterworth, sub at 80Hz 24db Butterworth.

    Any suggestions/advice to achieve better blending and imaging I'm all ears!

    Thanks in advance

    2001 Jeep Cherokee
    Pure i-20 iPhone Dock - Audison BitTen D - Alpine 4-Channel & Mono Amps - Rainbow/CDT Audio 2-way (Active) - JL 12" W6V2 Ported

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    Re: Unusual 2-Way Crossover Advice

    I've used ES-02 in my car for well over a year. My woofer/mid crossover is 1 kHz, 24 dB/octave for both the woofer LPF and the mid/tweeter HPF. There's no need to overlap when the woofer and mid are in those locations and the slopes are that steep. As for EQ, just make sure there are no big(3 dB or more) peaks or nulls, and with your RTA look at the left and right sides separately.

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    Re: Unusual 2-Way Crossover Advice

    just what trumpet said, you have a huge overlap between the mid and the midbass. Take it out and then see how it sounds.

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