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Reload Thread: Adding rear speakers, recommendations?

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    Re: Adding rear speakers, recommendations?

    Don't put PA speakers in the back, that's the opposite of what you want to accomplish here. Put the PAs in the front and move your current ones to the back if you REALLY want rear fill, but I'd sell your current ones and get 2 sets of PAs in the front before I added amplified rear fill.

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    Re: Adding rear speakers, recommendations?

    Quote Originally Posted by nstillmatic View Post
    Which would you suggest then for a windows down situation? I get that PA speakers in the rear will be higher volume but wouldn't that be the best way to combat the wind? I have a dedicated EQ with F/R knob for easily adjusting the fade back and forth.
    It would definitely be louder, but if you don't like how it sounds then you just have it louder. I'm really not the guy to talk to about PA speakers as if I can have it my way I will never use them. You may likely need to correct the sound with EQ, and you don't have a way with your equipment listed in your signature to attack just the rear speakers.

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    Re: Adding rear speakers, recommendations?

    I would not get the neo's if you decide on PA speakers, better out there for less $$$.

    Personally I'd do the HAT coax speakers in back with a PAC LC1 to turn them down/off when driving around with windows up...

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