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    Question about setting EQ, pass filters, and loudness

    Hey guys, I have a really.... unique question for you all. I recently installed the following:

    Polk Audio MM6501 component speakers in front stage,
    Polk Audio PAD4000.4 amplifier (4 channel, 150RMS to each channel, 400RMS bridged).
    JL Audio CS112-WXv2 subwoofer in a sealed enclosure.

    I used to have polk audio DXI 6500s which was the set under the Momos. I had a DXI 12'' subwoofer which sounded awful. I'm assuming it was because all my stuff was powered by a soundstorm amp.

    No-homo reference song: [HD] DBSK - Why Did I Fall In Love With You - Official MV + Lyrics - YouTube

    Anyways, my question is in regards to what the woofer should be playing vs the subwoofer. If you have a moment, I'd appreciate it if you'd listen to the song I've linked above (no-homo, it just happens to have the beat that describes the problem perfectly), and just reference the continuous bass beat that plays throughout the song. I just want to know, is this a frequency that my subwoofer should be playing, or my component woofer? Is it Mid-bass? Or bass? If it's supposed to be my subwoofer, here's the problem I'm facing:

    I really happen to like the hip hop beats like the one in the video I linked. And I like it when those beats hit hard, but if I were to turn up the bass high, I run into the following problem. Yes maybe that beat would be louder, but then all of the sudden when there is a long lower note, my subwoofer will obnoxiously drone and play the note because I turned the bass up. So basically, These kinds of beats I want to raise the volume and have them hit hard and clean, but leave that very low filler tones quieter.

    I know it sounds weird and I'm having a hard time explaining it, but I miss in my old car when I would turn up the loudness on the "low" portion of my HU, and my woofers would hit that beat so hard, that my pant legs would blow around. That's what I want. I want for these beats to hit hard, but for the lower droney notes to not play obnoxiously loud. So I mean, is the best option to cross everything over on my HU at a lower frequency so that beat goes to my woofer instead? Right now everything is crossed at 80, and I can't really tell whether my sub is playing it or not yet because I'm keeping the volume low for break-in period. So could I maybe lower it to 60 then? But, my other concern is I really don't want to damage the speakers either.I've heard that these momos have great mid-bass, but is this beat even a "mid-bass" beat? or is it just "bass"?

    any help is appreciated with these weird issue haha.

    Thanks guys!!

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    Re: Question about setting EQ, pass filters, and loudness

    What you're talking about for the beat is a standard kick. Usually your woofers will play most of that. What do you have available for an equalizer?

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