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Reload Thread: Need help choosing a speaker.

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    Need help choosing a speaker.

    So, I'm down to two speakers. One of which will come out on top. Problem is I need help choosing one.

    What say you?

    JBL GTO638


    Infinity 629I

    Power/Amping is not an issue. Just need the best sounding of these two. I'm a bit of an audiophile

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    Re: Need help choosing a speaker.

    how much pwr will these be getting? also have you listen to either of these personally? also the jbl's are 2 ohm.... just incase you didn't notice that. I prefer the infinitys myself, only being they are a two-way speaker instead of a 3 ways speaker.

    if these are going into the front of your car, I would suggest some component speakers with tweeters. this will give you much more sound quality.

    more info is needed bud!

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    Re: Need help choosing a speaker.

    i had four JBL Gto 5.25" coaxials running off a 20w head unit and they sounded pretty good and got decently loud.

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    Re: Need help choosing a speaker.

    They're both 2 ohm speakers. JBL and Infinity car speakers come from the same parent company, and the quality of both of those sets is more or less identical. We can't tell you which one you'll prefer. They're both good, despite the standard opinion on the Internet about Infinity speakers being crap. Pick the one that looks prettier.

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    Re: Need help choosing a speaker.

    Infinity 629I is best.

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