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Reload Thread: MB Quart PVM216?

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    MB Quart PVM216?

    are the MB Quart PVM216 any good and are they worth $127.00

    Head Unit - Clarion NX702 w/Backup Cam
    Amp 1 - Cadence ZRS C9 (Fronts/Rears)
    Amp 2 - MB Quart 600.4 (Subs)
    Fronts - CDT CL-6 (Mids) HD-100 (Tweeters) & WS100i (Imaging Tweeters)
    Rear - CDT HD-M6+ (MidBass)(Sealed in Custom boxes)
    Sub - Sealed in Custom Box - 12" Kenwood KFC-W3013PS
    Big 3 Upgrade - 1/0 Gauge Sky High Cable (pacustomz)
    RCA's - Stinger 4000 series 4ch
    Deadener - GTMAT Pro 50mil (4 Doors Full Coverage and Trunk)

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    Re: MB Quart PVM216?

    bump anyone got anything ?

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    Re: MB Quart PVM216?

    1.5" titanium tweeter
    carbon fiber woofer with phase plug
    89db sensitivity

    My guess is these would probably be overly bright, loud, and hard to tame.

    I could be wrong though.......

    "When I listen to a stereo loudspeaker playback in my room and an auditory scene has formed in my mind, how would I know that what I hear is an accurate replica of an auditory scene that could be had at the recording venue? Or more generally, that this is an auditory scene that could have existed at all?"

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    Re: MB Quart PVM216?

    I haven't heard these particular MB Quarts yet, but these ARE what I'm planning on buying. I've had MB Quarts twice in the past. Most recently I had a line of Discus in my 01 Xterra. Recently got rid of that car and bought a 2013 Corolla and now need to outfit it.

    I have always loved MB Quart. Some years back, Maxxsonic bought MB Quart. Many people were against that, they said the quality went way down, etc. However, I'll tell you, my Discus line, which was a lower line than the Premium line, were awesome. I wouldn't trade them for anything. They were SUPER clear and very clean. the highs are crisp and the mids are punchy. At the price you're getting them for, you're not going to find anything better.

    I have a theory as to why MB Quarts are as inexpensive as they are. When Maxxsonic bought them, people turned on them. I have a feeling they're trying to just get into the market and win people over again. If you haven't already purchased them, do so. I don't think you'll regret it. I do recommend you use the -6db cut for the tweeter and don't have them point right at you. With those tweeters, I hear things going on in drums that you don't on a standard system. Very clean high hats and cymbal crashes.

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