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    Recommend setup

    I have a 2000 Corvette with Bose. I recently installed a Clarion NZ503 in-dash flip-out navigation unit. Now i'm looking to upgrade the rest. I'm more focused on SQ than SPL. In my other car I had the Rainbow SLC 265 Kick NG's and loved them. However, they are discontinued now.

    So what setup do you recommend. I'll be doing 6.5" all around with a single 10" subwoofer.

    I was thinking of getting the Diamond Audio SXP65s for the fronts, but I can't seem to find any good online retailers that carry their newer products. seems to carry a lot of discontinued stuff.

    My budget is about $1500 not including wiring. However, I'd like to spend less, if possible.

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    Re: Recommend setup

    I sell Diamond Audio. The SXP65S set isn't in my store but I could have it to you in a couple of days, depending on where you live. These speakers and a Diamond Studio TX102 subwoofer would be a great combination. The sub is made for a 0.75 cu ft sealed box if space saving is your concern. I could do a comparable or better setup using CDT Audio speakers. The selection is in the link down in my signature.

    Small town service, family owned and operated. See our new mobile friendly online store at
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    Perfect Fit Speaker Kits
    Our CDT Audio dealer store, Clarion,_JBL,_Pioneer,_DB Drive,_Metra,_T-Spec
    My system: Pioneer AVH-4000NEX, JBL MS-8, Clarion XC6610 x 2, CDT 6.7"/4"/1.1" in the front doors, 4"/1.1" center channel, Pioneer TS-W3003D4 12" ported, Clarion SRG-1622R rear fill

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    Re: Recommend setup

    For SQL I would do HAT 6.5 imagines active on a ppi p900.4 and a single ssa icon on a American bass Vfl 100.1, around $1300 total and get a custom ported SQL enclosure built by pro-rabbit with what's leftover. I would go with a 12 though more low-end extension, it'll fit I installed a 13.5 w7 ported in a 03 vette and didn't have to remove the seat.

    Sony h/u
    Front stage-CDT CL Comps
    Ppi p.600.2
    Knu ofc 4g
    Sub stage-Single 15" Crossfire XSV2 in 4.25 cu box tuned to 31hz
    AB Vfl 120.1
    Knu ofc 1/0

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    Re: Recommend setup

    is HAT hertz?

    References: Loudman, loudaccent, DUMPED, Worstenemy453

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    Re: Recommend setup

    I can help you with the whole system Being the limited space. I'd look at arc audio xd amps. Either arc audio or hertz components and maybe a arc audio black sub Or you could do a complete cdt system or Dls feel free to pm me ill give you my contact info so we can go over your options as well as wants and needs from the new system

    pioneer avhx 5500 dvd, gzpa 1.4000 x 2
    ab vfl 350.4 ,7 pc 2150 and a 150 ah power ware agm ,275 amp singer alt , 2nd one coming soon
    cdt 6.5 es 6 im mids,cdt es 010 tweets,es 02 mids ,mx1000 3 way x overs , sky high and stinger hpm o gauge wires ,also 2 tantric hdd 15's in a 9.5. ^3 ported no wall box 11.5 octo port.

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