Hey all. I've been around here before and got some great advice regarding my previous installations, so I figured I'd try it again with a new vehicle.

Just purchased a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo that's in great shape. Obviously I want to improve the audio, so I figured I'd turn to any of you guys who may have some experience with this sort of SUV.

I want the four speakers replaced and would be willing to spend $200-250 on those. If any of you have some recommendations, I'd really appreciate it. Sound quality is the most important, so I know Infinity and RF are great choices. I've had some great experiences with Pioneer as well. But if you have any specific ones, I'd be open to opinions.

Couple ideas as of now include the Rockford Fosgate Prime R15s ($60) and Polk Audio DB651s ($100). The latter seem to have received excellent reviews and I may be leaning in that direction.

Additionally, if I have an Alpine monochannel amplifier, would I be able to run these speakers to them, or would I need a different amp to do so?

Sorry for the long-winded questions. I look forward to your advice. Thank you!