Hey guys! My dad's got an '87 Wrangler and he bought it with some crap speakers in it. They're in pretty bad boxes that rattle all the time when we're driving down the road. He says instead of running small boxes, he wants to get a 'speaker bar', something to mount the speakers to the roll bar on. I had no idea where to go on this one, so I figured I'd start here.

Anybody know where I could find something to mount a few speakers to the roll bar on it? We still want to be able to put the top on, but we'll need something we can keep them in where it'll be okay for them to be able to be outside while the top's off.

So, where could I get something like that? Also, what kind of speakers should we use? Probably just gonna use a few decent coaxials - we don't need anything competition grade, just something that'll sound decent at a good price. Thanks guys.