Hi everyone

I recently upgrade the sound system to my 2002 Jeep Liberty. It was a hand me down with 10" sub-woofer with a receiver already installed in the trunk space. I replaced all the speakers with Alpine 610c in the front and 610 in the rear door. My head unit is Alpine CDE-HD137BT. The sound is much much better than what it was.... BUT the sound still doesn't sound like my polk stereo at home. Top 40, techno and rock sound fine, but I listen to a lot of classical music and these speakers just can't replicate the clarity of the real instrument. Sometimes, the uniqueness of a specific instruments gets lost. I bought this system in a whim, without listening to how it was all going sound at the end. So I went to another car audio installation store and they recommend that I replace the front door speakers with JL C-5. Those speakers did sound A LOT better. They previous place where I got the stereo installed wouldn't take back the system. So now I am stuck and still not happy with with my system. What advice do you guys all have for me? What could I do? I don't really care about the aesthetic but I don't have an endless wallet neither. I was thinking maybe getting two 3.5" speakers and setting them up on my dashboard or something like that instead of replacing my Alpine 610C with JL C-5. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you