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    component wiring ?

    Hi All,

    Another component question. JUst getting info to see which is the best way to wire. BOught som Infinity reference 6030Cs ones for front. They have a crossover so basically I was going to run both channels from 50x4 amp one to each crossover then run the woofer and tweet to each crossover. The other two channels will be for rear. Now I am hearing people wire there tweets and mids to each channel and power the rears from the HU. Not sure how to wire that and if it would be better in my aplication. JI am assuming I need the croosover though. I have a Sony HU that has equalizer settings and the amp I have is locked in at a HPF of 80hz which can't be changed. IF any of you think this is a better hookup, please advise how you wire all to separate channels and still use the crossovers. Thanks

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    Re: component wiring ?

    I would personally run it the first way you said, with the component sets using only the front 2 channels because in order to run the tweeter and front speakers on 4 separate channels Im pretty sure you would need 4 separate crossovers, plus I think overall doing it this way it will be louder and most likely sound better.
    when I ran Rear fill off HU power it just sounded kind of empty back there

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    Re: component wiring ?

    agreed, your amp and HU are not capable of wiring woofers and tweeters separately.

    what i would do, and one thing you can try is bridging your amp to the front components and running the rears off the HU. this also requires you use your fader to fade to front to attenuate the rears to give you more head unit volume range.

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