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Reload Thread: Dynaudio vs Cadence Midbass Visual comparison

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    Re: Dynaudio vs Cadence Midbass Visual comparison

    Dynaudio- Could of made them for Cadence
    There was a look a like with soundstream & Lanzar driver about 2 years ago

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    Re: Dynaudio vs Cadence Midbass Visual comparison

    Watch this video along with parts 2 and 3 and you will stop thinking those Cadence mids could sound the same as the Dynaudio mids. There's more to it than just FR plots, and even then all the numbers and graphs in the world can't tell you how they actually sound.
    Dynaudio Promotion Video Part 1/3 - YouTube

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    Re: Dynaudio vs Cadence Midbass Visual comparison

    I have the cadence and for the money are great drivers. They are very smooth. The midbass is excellent. The only problem I had was mounting them. They are where to deep for my doors. I made baffles but under high excursion the dust cap would touch the back of my door. I replaced them with Polk momo's and the cadence are better all around and take way more power. Going to build custom pods to fit 6.5's need the midbass back.

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