Hi all,

Another question for a newbie. SO I am still tweaking my budget system in the PT cruiser. I currently have Pioneeer 6-1/2" three ways ( 35W rms) in the front doors that I put in a few years ago. I had small dash tweeters that I removed as it didn't sound good after I installed an RF 50x4 amp recently. Now the Pioneers sound pretty decent all the way up to full volume however, now I am thirsty for more as I get into this more. My question is will putting in a set of budget components in to replace the 3 ways make a big difference. I do not want to fork out hundreds of dollars for components. I am thinking around $100 or less for a set. I don't want to go through the trouble of buying and installing and find out they don't sound much better than the 3 ways. So the question has anyone done this - changed cheaper budget 3 ways with cheaper budget components and can tell the difference. I see PIoneer has a set of components on Sonic for $79 which has good reviews. Also, would it be best to install the tweeters back into he dash ( current holes are in corners facing up toward windshield). Or should I relocate to door or surface mount to A pillar next to window. Thanks for the help