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Reload Thread: Advice on SQ Component Speakers. Price Range $150-$300

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    Re: Advice on SQ Component Speakers. Price Range $150-$300

    Quote Originally Posted by trumpet View Post
    This works if you apply the logic of keeping the speakers operating so their polar response is the same whether you're in the driver's seat or the passenger's seat.
    can you explain this more

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    Re: Advice on SQ Component Speakers. Price Range $150-$300

    Quote Originally Posted by blakgtp View Post
    can you explain this more
    I was trying to type up my own explanation and it was coming out horribly. I found a post on DIYMA from Andy Wehmeyer of Harman International that is really chock full of information, but he goes over polar response and some related topics that are really valuable to know.
    Flat response?

    Basically what I did in my car was keep my speakers very close together on each side and I chose my crossover points and slopes based on the diameter of the speakers and their proximity. My 6.5" drivers play up to 1 kHz, well before they start beaming, the 2" drivers play up to 6 kHz, just up to the edge of beaming, and the 1" tweeters play the rest. By intentionally preventing beaming(technically, the tweeters will beam but let's ignore that) I'm not so concerned about how far off axis my ears are from any of the speakers, and the same applies to my passenger.

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