I am running some JBL p660c components off a JBL gto1004 amp and Kenwood 348u head unit.
90w RMS speakers
150w from amp(gain only 1/3 of the way, but was even happening back when i used to have my gain at almost half)
No EQ at the head unit.

I noticed this problem within the first couple months of having them installed a year ago, I brought my car in and they wired the speakers to the opposite side and the problem was fixed for a couple months and now I noticed that it is happening again. Same tweeter. It only happens during quiet parts of a song(even if the volume is up high) or during anytime in a song when the volume is low on the head unit. There is no crackle or pop, it is an instant cut out on the left tweeter only. If i turn up the volume quickly it brings the sound right back in, again, with no crackle or pop.

Has anyone experienced this or have any idea what it might be?