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Reload Thread: Tired of my Active setup.

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    Re: Tired of my Active setup.

    Quote Originally Posted by keep_hope_alive View Post
    the main problem that people have with active setups is getting phase mixed up. this is because at 12dB/oct and 18dB/oct slopes the speaker has a 180deg phase shift. this is the same as reversing polarity on the speaker. you need to keep careful track of that as it relates to mid - tweet and woofer - mid combinations.

    "hollow" sounding systems are usually suffering several forms of phase interference. see my build log to get an idea of how i install speakers.
    12 dbs passive crossovers have the same problems. If no time alignment is used, great results can be had by simply swapping the polarity on the mids, and leaving the sub and tweeters congruent with each other. If T/A is used, this may need to change. I had my sub the same as my tweeters until I delayed my whole front stage 4 feet. Then it became necessary to swap the polarity of my sub, and then I had up front bass as intended. I'm using an analog active crossover.

    Isn't it true that DIGITAL crossovers (DSP) are able to circumvent the phase problems of analog crossovers (whether passive or active)?

    Simple SQ System:

    Head Unit: Alpine CDA-117
    Active Crossover: Cache' CEX
    Front Stage Amp: Boston Acoustics GTA-704
    Components: Polk Audio DB 6501
    Sub Amp: Boston Acoustics GTA-1000m
    Sub: JBL P1224, 2.5 ft^3 @ 25 hz enclosure
    Rear Fill: Sony Xplod 5.25s on HU power lolz

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    Re: Tired of my Active setup.

    digital crossovers still exhibit phase shift - just before the amp instead of after. an engineer could choose to correct polarity - but you won't find that in any manual.

    i can tell you that every Alpine and Pioneer i've ran across certainly had a phase shift at 12dB and 18dB

    got a question? shoot me a PM. Matthew 6:9-15 - YouTube Channel:
    2014 Accord build log:
    2001 Accord build log:
    My 1966 MGB:
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