Hi guys this is my first post!! Anyways as my sig states my current equipment i have, im going to be putting it all in my car next week. I have two sets of jl audio Zr650csi running of a jlaudio hd600/4 and 2 kicker solos l7 10" running of an alpine pdx-m12s in the trunk. My plan was to have loud but good sq in the front stage and high spl from the kickers. I drive a two seater convertible (s2000) so i hope this system will sound good in this type of car. Anyways my question is... I have 2 selenium st350 supertweeters and two selenium 6w4p (which i dont really want to use because im afraid it will affect my systems performance). So can i replace the st350s with the jl audios tweeters? I dont know how this will work out but any help would be appreciated!