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Reload Thread: 6.5 or 8?

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    6.5 or 8?

    I recently blew my door speakers and I have to replace them. I had some polk 6.5 that werent loud enough to keep up with my hcca 15. I was wondering are there 6.5 speakers that are loud enough to keep up with my 15 inch subwoofer and 6x9 in the rear of the car. Or should i make custom door panels and have 2 sets of 6.5 in each front door. Or I was directed towards getting some 8 inch mid bass drivers to put in the door. any input is helpful. thanks in advance

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    Re: 6.5 or 8?

    just about any 6.5 should get loud enough if installed properly and powered correctly. but for loud and efficient look into the memphis power reference line and above. if you want more mid bass then an 8 could be a viable solution though i believe the install to be more the problem than the equipment.

    my factory speakers keep up with my hd12 on 2000w for the most part they fade out when i get to higher levels but if i amped them i see no reason they couldnt be loud enough. now i wont waste my time doing that because im going to be switching them out with some db drive comps in hopes that the db drive sound decent or ill jut switch them out for some focals.i just like the look of db drives top of the line components

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    Re: 6.5 or 8?

    Massive Audio CK6 and RK6 have a reputation for high power handling and getting loud. The CK6 require lower clearance, and supposedly sound cleaner.

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