My truck is a 1988 chevy silverado standard cab. its still got the factory system of which only one speaker
Ive been researching different options and have decided on the Kenwood excelon KDC-X896 as a head unit..but im stuck deciding on replaceing the 4x6's in the stock location with mayb some JBL P6462 plate speakers..or getting Q-logic kick panel boxes and installing a set of 6.5 components like JL C2-650...or C5-650..or MBQuart Qs216. or mayb some combination of the components in the kick panels and a set of 4x6 on the dash or on the pillars by the i guess the opinions i need is what yall think of those speakers?..any other sugestions for speakers in the same price range?...and which placement senerio would sound best?....i do plan on also having an amp and sub. just havent researched that much yet.