I own a 2007 Toyota Tundra CrewMax 4x4 pick up truck. I plan to keep my JBL head unit, disconnect the dash and rear door speakers. Then replace the factory subwoofer with a JL Audio Stealthbox powered by a JL Audio 600/1v3. The front doors will get 6.5" component speakers. powered by a JBL Audio Slash 300/4v3

My focus is on my personal SQ enjoyment not SPL or competition. I am looking for high fidelity with acoustic Jazz, Blues, Gospel at low listening volumes. Most, but not all of the time I should still be able to hear a phone ring over the music. One reason I selected Dahlquist dq10 speakers for my home was because they sounded just as faithful at 2w,20w or 200w and they image so **** well.

I found a nice audio place only 5.5 hours away that sells, inventories and exhibits for demo these speakers which are on my final contender list:

Pioneer Stage 4
German Maestro
Focal K2
Dynaudio Esotec

In the past I spent years listening to speakers before I selected my DQ10's. I will not be able to do that this time. They open at 8am and I hope to drive home that same night system installed.

So with all charity, decorum and gentleness, would anyone else care to share their listening experiences with any of these speakers with this newbee? Any of the speakers should be about $1000 MSRP. I hope to get this done right in only one trip, anything temperamental that requires a lot of fuss or bother is not an option. I suspect, and pray, that none of those would be a bad choice. I might add that it only took me seconds to loath Klipsch speakers.

Thank you