hey im redoing my whole diy components and i wanna go up to a 3 way. im getting max fidelity tweeters, and right now i need to find a midrange to mate with them in the kicks. im htinking 4-5.5 inch and then when i get a bit more money i can put in some really nice midbass in the doors.

right now i can spend around 50 bucks per midrange and staying below that would be nice. the 2 i found so far that look pretty good are

1. Seas CA15RLY (H1216)

2. vifa MG10MD09-04 4" Fiberglass midrange

i want a nice punchy. clear, fast responding. non muddy, acurate sounding midrange if that possible in my pricerange hehe.

later on for midbass im get some 8inch IDQ's or somehting but right now im only worried about midrange. its not nessesary but crossing them over at around 100 herts or 150 wouuld be nice while i wait on midbass money. the sub all this is matching up to is a 12 inch magnum D2!

thanks all