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    Want loud but limited on space

    Well... I WAS going to get some Selenium 6 inch mids, or some Crescendos, but their mounting depth is too deep for my car... Reading online my car has 2.75 inch behind where the speakers go into the doors... the seleniums are 2.9 inches for mounting depth
    I'd be happy if I could find a nice set of 6x8 comps for cheap. I could settle with 6.5s though.
    I just want something that will get loud enough to keep up with my 18 and not sound like crap, while not being expensive, either.
    Suggestions appreciated... I'd be happy if I could find something comparable to the Seleniums both in price and sound quality, that are say a 2.5 inch mounting depth.

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    Re: Want loud but limited on space

    build yourself some rings to increase the mounting depth and give you a solid mounting surface

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    Re: Want loud but limited on space

    or spend more money there are some nice slim mids on the market ,but they are $$$$

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