Hi guys, I have a quick question about mixing some component sets. I had a set of Kicker RS5c components that were pretty nice, but one of the midbass drivers got damaged and now only one sounds good. I wasn't overly impressed with the midbass response anyway, so I was wondering if I could still use the tweeters and the crossovers and buy a pair of Koda 6's to use for the midbass. Would they be powered correctly through the crossover, receive half power since there's two sets of speakers, or have any other problems? I just got a 94 mustang and would really like to get a great system for it. Right now, I was thinking of the front speaker set up I just mentioned with a nice set of 6x8, 6x9, or maybe some of those cool RE 8's in the back along with a cheap 12" sub. I hope to get an inexpensive amp for the speakers, because I went to a nearby stereo shop and heard a set of amped Koda components and they were the most incredible speakers I've ever heard. I've never been near a pair of Focals, CDT's or other high-end speakers, but these were absolutely crystal clear! Anyways, let me know if it is cool to mix a midbass diver like the Koda 6 with the Kicker Tweeter and crossover and if I need to be careful with the impedences if I decide to amp them. Thanks a lot!