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    Caraudio crossover for PA speakers?

    I know this will not be the correct way to do things, however...

    I would like to listen to my Eminence Beta's and ST350's before I install them in my vehicle.
    I have some passive crossovers for Memphis PR 6.5" component speakers.

    I am aware that crossover points are impedance dependent, but given that the Memphis 6.5" speakers are 4ohm, and I can wire (2) Beta's in parallel to 4ohm, (same case for the Memphis tweeters and ST350's), will I be okay testing the speakers (with low wattage) in this manner? In my vehicle the speakers will be run with an active crossover.

    Edit: Just realized the receiver I am using to power these is only stable at 8ohm. Anyone have any ideas? Can a set of useable crossovers be found at Radioshack or Fry's for cheap?
    Edit2: I suppose I will turn this into an educational project and attempt to build my own passive xo's. I will be following this guide. Now, I have to see if I can source the necessary capacitors, inductors, resistors, etc locally...
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    Re: Caraudio crossover for PA speakers?


    The drivers themselves may be 8 ohms but you also have to account for the resistance of the crossover. Without getting into a lengthy post, you'll likely be fine for a short test. If you want to turn them into your new home theater speakers, that's different.

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    Re: Caraudio crossover for PA speakers?

    do realize passive crossovers have a wattage limit. also! you can use pa equiptment in car enviroments and car audio and live enviroments. its just not always recommended.

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