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Reload Thread: can Image Dynamics ctx65cs be beat for under $200?

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    Icon14 can Image Dynamics ctx65cs be beat for under $200?

    Hi folks, first post, huge car audio noob here, learning fast as I go

    Bought an amp and some speakers without really knowing what I was doing yet. I think the Amp should be decent enough to keep but the speakers are a joke and must go.

    Saw the Image Dynamics ctx65cs recommended elsewhere here and for $170 on Amazon they seem like they might be the best bang for the buck? Under $200 that is.

    Any other contenders? Thanks for the help...

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    Re: can Image Dynamics ctx65cs be beat for under $200?

    have mine in a 4-way set up and they sound awesome.... they sound great as a 2way as well

    Refs- Hrtbrk1,Kharps,BenzmanSl65amg,power-fanatic07,ryanm923,goindef154,subydude81
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    Re: can Image Dynamics ctx65cs be beat for under $200?

    The new JBL MS-series component speakers have been getting glowing reviews on DIYMA and talkaudio. Some online vendors have them for under $200.

    JBL MS62C Two-Way Component Speakers - Speakers - Talk Audio Online Car Audio Magazine & Forum - Talk Audio Online Car Audio Magazine & Forum - Magazine

    JBL MS-62c First impressions. These surprised the hell out of me! - DIYMA Car Audio Forum

    These would be my top pick for under $200.

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    Re: can Image Dynamics ctx65cs be beat for under $200?

    I would say you'd be hard pressed to beat them....

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