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    Kicker KS vs Pioneer D series

    I can't decide which speakers to use for my next build so please decide for me... Either Kicker KS or Pioneer D series both coaxial if you want to compare a specific speaker KS65 vs TS-D1602R ... Thanks Addition: I'm not running a sub so bass is important and if anyone cares this is going into a volvo 760, I have two rockford 301s amps considering running 4" coaxial in the front 5.25 or 6" coaxial in each door and 6x9s in the rear deck lid.. going for like a surround sound kinda feel and I can get either brand coaxial at cost...
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    Re: Kicker KS vs Pioneer D series

    Looking at the t/s parameters, the TS-D1602R seems to be the better choice. The KS65 would sound louder though but probably not as clean as the TS-D1602R. Frequency response is wider as well as a larger dome tweeter (not sure if that matters). I'm not sure how good or at what point the crossover is set for the tweeter but you could run active and run the EQ or amp crossover wide open or set crossover points at 35 - 32k Hz.

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    Re: Kicker KS vs Pioneer D series

    KS is louder/brigher, D's are better sounding. I've installed sets of both and prefer the Pio's. Neither had much midbass to speak of...

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    Re: Kicker KS vs Pioneer D series

    Quote Originally Posted by mlstrass View Post
    KS is louder/brigher, D's are better sounding. I've installed sets of both and prefer the Pio's. Neither had much midbass to speak of...
    My Pioneer D series speakers had plenty of midbass bro....they were active with 175wrms to the mids though....

    OP, it depends on the type of sound u like. The KS speakers are def louder and brighter on the top end and personally I think the tweeters sound slightly better than the Pioneer D series. But, if you want a slightly smoother sound, go with the Pioneers. The Pios also seemed to do a lot better in the midbass department as well.

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