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Reload Thread: cdt cl 5cx problem

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    cdt cl 5cx problem

    hey so i have 4 cdt cl 5cx coaxial speakers with removable tweeter and external mini crossover thing. so what i originally did with what the instructions told me to do wire the tweeter to the woofer with also the extra wire that has the mini crossover attached to it. and then at the other end of the crossover theres your positive and neg leads that go in your amp or headunit so when i put them in my headunit i got the treble but no bass so what i thought that mini crossover was a bass blocker so what i did is i just hooked the tweeter to the headunit and my mid woofers to my amp and i got plenty of bass from them now but my issue is that the tweeters arent that high cuz its hooked up to my headunit and not my amp but i dont wanna block out my bass by hooking the tweeters up to my amp with my mid woofers. any suggestions?

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    Re: cdt cl 5cx problem

    You can call CDT toll free at 877-568-3238. If a woman answers ask to speak with Ken. I guarantee this is a wiring problem and he'll probably be able to figure it out quickly. I would help but I haven't seen the convertible components and I don't have a copy of the instructions.

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