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Reload Thread: Fraternity Sound System Suggestions - $2000 Budget

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    Fraternity Sound System Suggestions - $2000 Budget

    My fraternity has about $2000 to put towards a new sound system. We've done quite a bit of research but none of us have much sound experience so any help would be appreciated.

    Our main focus will be our basement dance floor. The space is close to 1000 square feet and will need to be loud. We were looking at mounting 4 800W 12" Behringer's in the corners of the room at $143 a piece. First of all, do we have to put these all pretty close to each other or can they be placed in different parts of the room?

    Second, would we benefit much from stepping up to 1000W 15" Behringers at $197 a piece? Or do you have any other suggestions

    As for a sub for the basement we were looking at an 1800W 18" Behringer B1800X PRO for $380

    What amp and mixing board would you suggest getting for this setup?

    Now for the main floor the area is about the same but the ceilings are taller. However, we dont need quite the same quality as the basement basically just enough to get by. So we thought getting 2 Peavey PV 215 (2x15") for $300 a piece would work.

    What amp would you suggest using for this setup if we wanted to include the Behringer sub with the two Peaveys during tailgates and other events?

    This is probably a dumb question but would it be possible/worth it to try to wire the speakers in the basement and the main floor and how would we want to set that up with the amps and what not? Its not necessary at all but would be cool.

    Thanks for your help

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    Re: Fraternity Sound System Suggestions - $2000 Budget

    This is car audio forum, not home audio forum. Brah.

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    Re: Fraternity Sound System Suggestions - $2000 Budget

    wow..pretty slim budget for what you want to do. Go with the Behringer B212XL Eurolive 2-Way PA Speaker (800 Watts, 1x12") in all four corners of the dance floor up near the ceiling, or on the ceiling angled to the center of the dancefloor...these might help: Behringer Black Wall Bracket for Eurolive Speakers at zZounds (34.00 ea)These 12's get incredibly loud and sound very good for what they are, I own the powered version. They are good sounding outside and you will be surprised how far they carry good sound volume...again, u ain't buying JBL's here. I also own the Peavey 215's, they get real loud, but lack the bottom end you might expect, I knock them off at 50hz..that said, I would also suggest the Behringer B212XL upstairs on these:On-Stage SS7730 Tripod Speaker Stand at zZounds (45.00 ea). even the Peavey 215's are not tall enough to reach ear level and you will want them up high anyways. I have to stack my 215's on the Yamaha 218 cabs to get the tweets up there.

    I would strongly suggest this for your bass needs, much better overall and way more bottom end than the Pro 18 you are looking at :Yamaha SW218V | set it in the corner.
    mixer to tie in source, + up & downstairs control - Behringer XENYX 1202FX Mixer at zZounds nice and quiet controls w/ control room sends u can use to send mix upstairs amp
    you didnt mention power:
    Behringer NU3000 iNUKE Power Amplifier (3000 Watts) at zZounds x2 for downstairs and sub + 1 Behringer NU1000 iNUKE Power Amplifier (1000 Watts) at zZounds bridged to the two upstairs

    the reason I referred alot of this stuff to Zzounds is because they are very prompt in delivery and when you order, you have the option of pay as you play, a handy service that lets you pay i'd guess on what's listed above $500 upfront and they draft the rest in 3-4 monthly payments you could get the Yamaha cab from Sweetwater outright.

    the above is just a suggestion, Peace out!

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    Re: Fraternity Sound System Suggestions - $2000 Budget

    So, is this a crazy frat house?

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