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Reload Thread: recommend 6.5 coaxials for front stage

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    recommend 6.5 coaxials for front stage

    I want to upgrade my front 6.5 / 6.75 speakers and I am looking at some of my options.

    I don't like harsh highs and want a "slightly warmer" tweeter for this location.
    I have been happy with the overall sound/price of the pioneers and I like the fact that their crossover is set to play down to 30hz (even though my deck and amp have the LPF set to 75hz. and dont want/expect them to play down low). I think they play well, with smooth balanced sound characteristics, and would want something similar.

    here is a link to my current setup.
    Souch vast differences in opinions - Help me select the correct front speakers

    I have been looking at these but what do you think?

    Alpine SPR-60 - $109
    Pioneer TS-D1720R - $80
    HAT - Mirus - $149
    Pioneer - Pioneer TS-A1684R - $60

    Are there any warm rich component sets out there? It seems most of them are too bright and have the crossovers tuned too high.
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    Re: recommend 6.5 coaxials for front stage

    Link not working man..

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    Re: recommend 6.5 coaxials for front stage

    I love my HAT Imagine (convertible component/coaxial), but it's running in component install. There is very little information on HAT Mirrus but my understanding is that it is supposed to be kind of like 'lite' version of HAT Imagine. The Imagines cost a lot more though. If they're too expensive, I'd pick Mirus. JL Audio C5-650x coaxial speaker is supposed to be pretty nice too. Again, it's kind of expensive.

    I am not sure about what you mean with 'crossover's set too high' manufacturers set crossover frequency to make sure that the woofer and tweeter operate within their optimal frequency range (hopefully). In fact, a lot of tweeters tend to sound harsh and distorted when you set their crossover frequency too low. Up high, some tweeters may have stronger response than others, but this can be dealt with using EQ or placing them off axis.

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    Re: recommend 6.5 coaxials for front stage

    I like my HAT Imagines, so I'd be willing to give the Mirus a shot if I were looking for cheaper speakers. I was a little suspicious of the midbass when I first installed mine, but it's really filled in nicely over the last couple weeks with the speakers breaking in more and more.

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