Hey guys, I have a Clarion touchscreen headunit, and a 90W RMS X4 amp powering my JL C2 speakers. I have found that the speakers are starting to get a bit scratchy in the higher frequencies. I am guessing that I am overpowering them a bit too much and maybe have cooked them. Anyway, I was wondering what a decent 6X9 and 6.5 speaker would be to replace them. I found the C2s to be pretty decently clear and would like that quality again(though I wouldn't complain if they were clearer..). But I am going to need something that can handle the juice I am pumping to them.

Also, I have a 3 rolls of dynamat left from doing the rear of the car and was wondering if with this quality of speaker would it make much difference if I took the time to do the doors?