Hi friends,

I want recommendations of 5 inches speakers with a good bass, mid and treble, since my car can fits only these speakers. I don't want to use amplifiers because I'm not worried with sound power, but instead with sound quality.

Until now, I only spent money for nothing. I bought two type of speakers: the first have a good bass, but a bad treble and the second have a good treble but a poor bass. So I return to car audio store and said that I want a 5 inches speaker with good bass AND treble. They told me that would be impossible for me to achieve that quality with such a size of speakers.

Here in Brazil they have a bad culture that size does matters (for speakers ). The Sony recently close a line of a product because the speakers were small, but the sound was great, and then, nobody want to buy! I know that I can achieve good quality even with small speakers. I bought a 25 W iDog last year. It was one of my best buys! It produce a full-range sound with a very nice bass using very small speakers.

So, I want some recommendations from you of a 5 inches speakers with very good sound quality. I have looked at Bass Inferno BI50 and it appears to be a good start point. What do you think?

Thanks you all!