Hi everyone,

I have a 99sentra xe. A long time ago I upgraded from the cassette player to a cd-player. Unfortunately, I don't think I got a particularly good model (Sony Xplode CDX-CA650X). But that's what I've got.

A while ago I blew the front speakers (52 watts per channel on the head unit), so I replaced them with some nice Rockford Fosgates(Fanatic HPC2206).

Now, the stock rear speakers are all that's left, and I would like to replace them. I'm thinking of going with the same kind, since the quality on the RFs is pretty nice.

I also want to add a little bass to the car, which is where my question comes in.

What kind of amp, and what kind of subs would work well in this situation? I don't want anything too large, and I DON'T want anything that's too ridiculously large, ugly, and takes up my whole trunk. I'm much more concerned with good quality than size. I also may replace the head unit, but that's after I take care of my more pressing needs (rear speakers and sub).

Any help would be great. Any web sites that simplify all this stuff? I'm kind of new to car audio installs and equipment...