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    SQ issue with speakers...

    Hey guys...

    Got a questions... (forgive me for any newbie like questions I may ask)...

    I am having issues with sound quality. The balance and overall sound is harsh to my ears and seems uneven.. even at modest mid volumes..

    I installed the OZ Matrix 180 C speakers in my car.. which is known for clarity and SQ..

    They are running off a 4ch 85x4 Eclipse Amp from the old days...

    They are not running on active crossovers since my amp lacks a band pass...
    Hence, they are currently running on the passives...

    Would replacing my amp with a builtin band pass crossover... and running my speakers active..
    bring out more of the SQ that I am looking for and eliminate the harsh and ear fatigue symptons that I am currently experiencing?

    I also am using a Stock HU. maybe this could be the problem...

    advice and your expertise is much appreciated.. thanks~

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    Re: SQ issue with speakers...

    Never played with the passives for that set. Does it have 0,-3,-6 terminals or a switch for tweeter attenuation? Amp isn't (or shouldn't) be causing the harshness. An eq would be a nice addition though, and would help make giant leaps toward taming the harshness

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