I am looking at doing some form of upgrade/add on to help my front stage keep up with my sub. You can see what I currently have installed and it sounds amazing but it just can’t keep up. The mids seem to be able to hold their own but the tweets are just getting overpowered. Also, you can see I will have a 1000c4 soon so my plan was to keep my front stage the same but now I have 2 extra channels to use and I planned on using them to get my front stage up to par. I was thinking of adding just a second pair of tweets? Here are the choices I have so far found let me know what seems to be the best for the $$. If you have a different suggestion other than the ones posted plz let me know. Must be 4ohm and would like the power handling to be at least 80rms. Over a 100rms would be even better. Looking to cover between 2k and 25k which all the tweets listed below operate in. I am even open to super tweets the reason none are listed is because I don’t know of any. All help would be appreciated.
https://www.madisound.com/store/prod...oducts_id=8539 (i like these the most but need to verify if they are 120rms or max as the site does not say)