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    Tweeter Placement

    I'm just about to do a complete overhaul on my car stereo in my 2006 Pontiac GTO and want some advice on the tweeter placement. Stock the 6.5" woofers are in the door and the tweeters are in the dash firing at the windshield. I'm going to be putting in some Boston Acoustic Pro60 component speaker which enables me to mount the tweeters directly with the woofer. I know you ideally want the tweeter as close to the woofer as possible, so should I mount the tweeter there or in the stock location in the dash?

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    Re: Tweeter Placement

    You can try them in a bunch of different areas. Generally its better to have the midbass infinite baffle down in the doors and the tweeters and midrange in the kicks. FAQ's TOS Agreement
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    Re: Tweeter Placement

    From what I've read there are trade-off with different locations. Typically you would want to mount the driver and tweeter as close as possible, but if they are mounted low in the door they typically hit your leg as opposed to the ear. Mounting in the dash puts lots of space between the set and there is a chance that the tweets can sound bad because they are bouncing off the windshield. The nice thing about components is that you can mount the tweets just about anywhere you want. Try different locations until you find the place that sounds the best.

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