I have a 2008 Envoy and I am replacing the entire system. The only for sure buy that I am set on is the head unit.... Alpine INA-W900BT. So now all I need are front and back door speakers. This is one of the most redundant questions on here but what is a good... I mean great component set. There are probably hundreds of recommendations and all I want is to receive good advice so I can be on step closer to the completed system.
For the front doors I definitely want a component set and I'm not too sure what I want for the rear doors. (maybe a mid range speaker, but I have no experience with mid range speakers) I understand that speakers reach their potential when hooked up to an amp but I'm unsure if I want an amp or not.
The sound I'm looking for is: crisp tweeters, decent amount of bass from components but also loud and crisp, and I'm not too sure for the rear doors. I like bass but I also like clarity and loudness.
Budget would be around $750-$1000 (Not including amp)

Some components I've looked at and heard about are: Image Dynamics, Hertz, Focal, Rainbow (I was almost set on a pair of these), and Audiopipe (I've never heard of these but a friend said he heard they were really good)