Well, im sending my cx62s to ID to have them see why my left mid went out. I figured I would send both, they can get me a new set and analyze from there. Anyways... I got bored today and went ahead and removed the cx62 that was still working and decided to try the 6.5"s that were in the cheap bookshelf speakers I had laying around..... They sound pretty good.

Any negative effects that can occur from doing this? I don't think so considering what they have to handle.

They are probably getting ~30rms a piece. Fully deadened doors sealed with deadener. crossed a 80hz w/12db slope and 3k w/12db slope (I think). They dont seem to be straining but get pretty loud and have decent midbass. It's not what my set of cx62s were doing @2ohm, but its pretty neat for a $25 set of 6.5"s

I didnt take any pics or anything because it was a simple swap out and nothing really special about it. BUT here is the link to the bookshelf speakers.