Let me just by saying, although I did have some familiarity with car audio about 10+ years ago..
I just recently got back into this fascinating realm of car audio not too long ago. So please forgive for my lack of car audio guru-ness.

I am running...
Stock head unit.
Eclipse 32430 4ch amp.
One 13" JL Subwoofer.

I was in the market for a front speaker set this week. I hoping to get my hands on a Eton 170...
But someone at this shop was pretty **** adament about these, Diamond D661s Series...

From the design / build quality standpoint, I was very intrigued..
But without having heard the sound quality.. I definitely had my reserves.

I really wanted a speaker set that gave me a NICE WARM sound w/ less sound fatigue then my previous stock speakers.

I heard the ETON speakers are pretty smooth, vibrant, w/ highs forgiving on the ears..

However, I took a gamble as my curiousity got the best of me.. with these nice looking Diamond D661s speakers in front me..

And after about... 3hrs of listening to all sorts of music.. I dont know..
It definitely does not give me the type of sound I am looking for. The speaker sound quality is actually very cold and uninviting.

The Diamond D661s definitely packs a lot more deeper bass and richer highs.. but it's lacking that vibrant / warm sound I am looking for.. Is this quality of sound I am seeking even achievable in car audio??? I dont know...

Needless to say.. the speakers were an improvement in the bass & high levels.. but I dont think the sound quality overall improved drastically enough for me to feel satisfied. It leaves me still searching for those ideal tonal ranges in my imagination. I am not even sure the Eton speakers would make a big difference either...

I dont know... Is finding a warm and inviting speaker set even achievable? And what are you thoughts about the Diamond D661s for those who have experience with them.. And also... are Eton 170s better for the type of sound quality I am looking for?

Please let me know what your thoughts are.. I really need some opinions from people with more experience..

BTW.. I am not that type of guy who likes to stick 3 big 12" subs in the back of his trunk with a 700W system. I prefer a little of everything... Some dance, hiphop, rnb, jazz, rock, slow tunes... etc.

Anyways, thanks for listening to my QQ