Has anyone here heard or used the Image Dynamics CXS62 component set? Iím considering getting them, for several reasons: ID is supposed to have awesome midbass, and this set can operate at 2 Ohms, which saves me money when buying an amplifier.

The best price Iíve found is ~$300. I havenít been able to find any other component set that operates at 2 Ohms, so if there are others in this price range, Iíd appreciate being informed. Since all reviews Iíve read have pretty much come from ID message boards, Iím looking for a more objective critique. Have you guys heard anything about this set? Do they look good on paper, at least?

Manufacturer Link, in case you wanted to see what few specs are listed.

Öit looks like, at the moment, I might be going all Image Dynamics for my system; Iím considering their subs, components and midbassÖ