Thanks for reading.

I need options on good 6.5 speakers to run in a active system.
I really liked the pound of the pioneer PRS 720 but thats alot of money to pay for a component set im not going to use all of.

i would like to put two, four, or eight 6.5s in each front door (either option would have 2 or 4 tweeters powered by the decks speaker outputs).
They will be powered by a sax 100.4

so i would have 160w x 4 @ 2ohms
or 100w x 4 @ 4ohms
or 320w x 2 @ 4ohms (bridged)
given that most 6.5s are 4ohms i could wire
four 6.5s together and make 4ohms giving them 25watts a speaker
eight 6.5s together and make 2 ohms 20 watts a speaker
two 6.5s per channel @ 2ohms for 80watts a speaker
or four 6.5s bridged to 4ohms for 80watts a speaker

I feel i need so many 6.5s because i have two 18" BTLS powered by a SAZ-3500 in a 15cft box tuned to 30hz in my Tahoe.