Man, i'm starting to lose sleep over the decision of my front stage And I am sure some of you want to kick my *** for these stupid threads I always start..

Any of you have experience with front stage tuning?

I have a 03' F150 X-cab.

I have room for 8" mids in the factory location (mid-door) (minor trimming)

I fooled around today and listened to a set of low-end Pioneer 6.5" 3-ways hooked up to a Rampage 50x2 amp (biggggg power! bling-bling ) in different locations (door, kick, etc)

I like the imaging associated with the kicks, but I also want a strong presence of midbass.. and the small sealed kick panels will kill some of the lower extension. That and a 6.5" is about the limit for stuffing into the dead-pedal area (or whatever it's called)

Here are the ideas floating around in my head:

1) 2-way + midbass

- 6.5-8" dedicated (bandpassed) midbass in doors
- 6.5" + 1" 2-way in kicks

- More is better right? j/k Sounds like it would give more midbass, but may not due to cancellation issues.. no experience here

2) 3-way

- 6.5" in door
- 4" + 1" in kick

Seems like a good idea, until you talk to a SQ guy. Falts include: Multiple point source, anomalies in the crossovers, cancellation issues, and expense (again, no experiences here)

3) 2-way door

- 6.5" in door
- 1" in "braxial" mount or aiming cup.

- falts include: poor imaging

4) K.I.S.S. - 2-way in kicks

- 6.5" + 1" in kicks

Regarded as a great SQ setup, falts include lacking midbass, taking up a lot of room

#4 seems to be the least intrusive method, 1 is obviously most expensive (2ch amp + 1ch amp)

I'm wondering really how big of an impact a 3-point source system really WOULD have on imaging/SQ.. sure it would falter in the competition lanes.. but for the average joe would it really be noticable?

Just hoping to catch someone w/ some experience w/ these system types that could offer advice or oppinions on what to do!