Well I'm new here and would like some recommendations on some great component speakers.

I have been looking at the PPI 356cs speakers for a while and when I get the money, they get discontinued (sonic); Everywhere I go, nobody seems to carry the speakers I always get attracted to.

I was looking to get general list of speakers that can compare to the PPI's in the same price range ($140) but msrp was $300+. I have read quite a few good things about the Phoenix Gold RSD65CS'.

I'm looking for crisp clean highs, and good lows. Midbass not so much since I tend to turn that down. I have a Crunch BMX 4100 amp that will be running these speakers. I have $250 to spend on 2 sets or 1 set. Don't matter, either it be new, or used. Thanks to whomever can guide me into the right direction.