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Reload Thread: Arc FD6000 components

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    Arc FD6000 components

    Basically they are the Chip Foose set but you gotta start somewhere. I bought them used for $67 shipped and they do seem to be in all in all great condition except one thing. I looked over everything really well and on one of the mid-basses there is a 1/8 slit on the outer part of the surround. It is right where a screw will have to go for mounting.
    1st -- Has anyone run these and what were their impression? Hopefully these are a stepping stone to a set of Hertz, Zappco, etc..
    2nd -- Do I need to use a q-tip and touch this up from underneath with some RTV or something? Will this effect the performance?

    Thanks ppl.

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    Re: Arc FD6000 components

    1. I have not run the comps, but I had the Coax version for rear fill. They sounded OK, but really needed power. I ran them off deck power only, and the midbass was weak. The tweet seemed nice and calm -- not too harsh. Once again, I was only running them off deck power, so I'm not a good example.

    2. Yes -- RTV on both sides of the surround will help. You probably won't notice it at all. I've used black for such repairs.

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    Re: Arc FD6000 components

    1. i have these components and they are **** good, i dont know about the coaxs but these sound excellent i picked mine up for $75 the only issue i had was finding a place for the crossover, also i ran them at first off of my deck (alpine IDA-X200) and later off of my old school orion xtr 475 and the only difference was the signal from the xtr was clearer

    2. i would recommend RTV not really necessary in this case but its not going to hurt

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