I recently got my hands on a brand new set of Focal K3Ps. According to the Focal dealer, since the set comes with four 6.5 inch speakers, I could try to pull a fast one and install the tweeter and midrange in the front, and throw the bass woofers in the back. The set is to be installed in a 2009 Honda Accord Coupe. The amp powering the front will be an Audsion LRx 2.9 - 2 channel amp with 260 watts per channel. That should take care of the front page completely. As far as the rear stage... who cares about it in a coupe? According to physics, bass has no direction - but I have absolutely no clue how it's going to apply in real life. On the other hand, I could always mount the entire 3 way in the front (but then they'll have to cut the doors - not a wise choice in a financed vehicle), and then I could throw my crappy pioneer amp 2x150 watts in the rear and get a set of Focal 165CA,s or something for the rear stage but that will set me back another $150... The Focal representative cannot say anything consistent about the cheat plan.

Please advise if it's worth to buy another set of speakers and cut the doors for the sake of keeping the bass with the midrange and the tweeters. I really have no idea if I'll be able get away with it.


Please advise.