I used to be into car audio, but broke away from the addiction. Now I'm back, with tired knowledge and need to pick the brains of the experts. I'm not sure whats happened to this industry, but it's 'very' hard now to find soundboards to listen to that aren't in some box worstbuy store.

Anyway, I'm planning on using the factory head unit high level outs going through a LOC (the signal is purportedly extremely flat from the HU, with all the EQ happening on the factory amp; I don't want to disturb the OEM look). I'll have it mic'd and then invest in a 3sixty.2 if need-be. The signal will feed my JL 300/4 I kept in my garage.

I've sat in front a few sound boards, and found myself liking the X1720P speakers. I like full sound, with bright highs. I used to have the JL XL components and was fond of them. I really liked the ID components they had, but they just fell flat on the mid bass. So, since I've always viewed Kenwood as crap, I'm coming her for an opinion. I know it's the 'what sounds best to you argument' but I'm concerned that what I'm hearing won't be the same with limited air volume and off axis speakers. Sticking with the factory look theme, these will mount in the door @ 90deg. Maybe I'm not missing anything but would appreciate your advice.

Lastly, I'm planning on putting some 5" coaxials in the back to fill the air and will run them at lower power. 'IF' I changed my mind and went with the ID components for their highs, what would putting a mid bass speaker in the doors for the rear stage, do?