It seems the majority of people here run 2 way component speakers however I've been researching DLS and am considering dropping the coin on a set of their Iridium 6.3i or else the Iridium 8.3i since I'm getting both at a relatively decent price compared to the Iridium 6.2i (2-way system). I am however concerned about the installation involved with a 3 way system. I will be having everything professionally installed but mostly I'm concerned about how much additional fabrication may be involved with a 3 way system. I am putting these in an '05 Infiniti QX56. Of course with a 2 way it would be as simple as putting the woofer and midbass in the door and the tweeter in the stock location. However with the 3 way I'm concerned since I imagine the woofer will go in the door, the tweeter in the stock location but I'm confused where the mid bass would go and as such, will the installer have to fabricate something to install them? Just curious those of you that are running 3 way speakers can you give me your impressions, reasoning why, and perhaps install pictures. I came across this one and am afraid I may have to go with something similar. Just trying to keep the cost as budget minded as possible (I know, I know, the Iridium's arent cheap!)