A little background... I have an 05 magnum with the stock nav head and amp. The dash speakers are on a factory high pass filter and the doors are on a factory low pass filter, this is all done in the amp as far as I know and is around 400Hz if my ear is correct. Rear speakers receive full signal but have some strange volume limitations. dash speakers are 4" I think, the doors and rears are 6x9. All the factory speakers are 2ohm and the factory amp is 2ohm stable.

So to my problem. I got a set of JL C5 650's for Christmas to replace my door speakers. I obviously don't have full signal in the doors due to the factory crossover so the tweet is useless in my setup. These are also 4ohm speakers so I won't get nearly as much volume as I get from the factory setup.

1. Can I run the 6.5 woofer in the door without the supplied crossover network, relying on the factory 400Hz crossover to clean it up?
2. should I send these back and get something else?
3. what would be better? Most people think infinity Kappa 6x9's are the best for the mag because they are 2ohm and have great low end (on paper at least)
4. Does JL make a better replacement?

These seem to be a nice set of components but the factory setup doesn't seem to work out well with a component set. Any advice is appreciated!