Bought these on ebay; to try them. Honestly so far I like my pioneer TSDs that were in the last car i sold.

Anyway, I'm going to give these a whirl for a while.

Last car needed 5 channel amp, so i have a nice kicker zx 700.5 (75 rms) amp. I drove the tsd's fine with it, but these CDTs seem to need more power.

Anyway, right now I have them bridged, running rear fill off headunit (4") this is all in a 2 seat bmw z3 roadster, so rear is fine.

So my question is, I've never done this before, but would i be better ditching the passive crossover and running them off the High pass and low pass, with the adjustable crossovers on my amp?

Just wondering if this is better to do or not. I guess i can fool around with it, but wanted some good advice which i know i can get here.