So I bought these speakers online and they were advertised to be rated at 100 watt RMS.(I was going to verify this but figured the store has 16,000 positive reviews so I'll believe them)However the box says their rated up to 75 watt RMS. I have 2 6x9s that I am going to install in the back that can handle 100 watts. I have a 4 channel alpine amp that I was going to bridge to the front for 100 watts(40 watts on 4 channels), and a two channel orion that runs at 60 watts on each channel. With this equipment would you recommend running the alpine with 100 watts with the gain slightly lowered to the front speakers with the orion powering the rears or the orion powering the fronts with Alpine powering the rears at either 100 watts or 40 watts.