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    Stock dash speaker question (Simple)

    I have some Alpine coaxs in my doors that are amped but they are currently not on due to some remodeling of my car so when I drive all I have are my dash speakers which when I play my HU at volume 30 or so are very scratchy, distorted etc. They sound like extra stinky crap. But when I have my Alpines playing I can crank it to 40 and not hear any distortion, fuzzy sounds or anything coming from the dash speakers.

    Why is that?

    2000 Dodge Neon
    Memphis 500D w/ Memphis Audio 4awg wiring kit
    Memphis 10" sub
    Alpine Type S 6.5" front speakers
    Jenson XA2125 speaker amp

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    Re: Stock dash speaker question (Simple)

    Im guessing if the dash units aren't amped the alpines get louder so you can't really hear thr crappy sound from the dash when you crank it. The distortion doesn't just go away or anything. When I changed my setup and bridged my Eclipse amp to my Hertz HSKs in front and left my rears off the head unit it sounded perfect then when I cut the front speakers and listened to the rear I realized they were ridiculously distorted at high volume levels due to lack of power and would probably blow without me ever knowing. Eventually I ended up with an HU with a little more control over the individual channels so I was able to give them a higher crossover in addition to attenuating them a bit.
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    Re: whats some good components?

    Originally Posted by deathpenalty18
    Not an sq set up just want good sq speakers and tweets not interested in mids! And my sub is a fcking ia dp 18 with a memphis 4kw

    Originally Posted by x1le
    mids ARE speakers.

    A component set = pair of midwoofer's and a pair of tweeter's

    and nobody cares what your sub is.

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