Currently have a 15 year old or so pair of Pyle's in there for tweeters and not a big fan; too harsh and a lot of bad frequencies in my opinion. These are going to be replaced, but I don't even know where to begin with half decent tweeter brands for car audio (Looking to spend about $100 on the pair give or take 50).

The mid drivers are a set of old JBL 6.5"s (20 years) running full frequency (no low or high pass filters on them other than the high pass above the bass from the amp).

They are being powered by a 2x120Wrms JBL amp; have the crossover setup as a high pass above the sub level.

As it stands, I really need more mids. The sub is doing a great job. I was debating if putting on a cap/inductor filter on the JBLs would help out getting more from them. I like the full frequency sound from them though, and don't want to mess it up. Also if anybody has any tweeters they like toss them out there, as I really have not gone car speaker shopping much.

Thanks for any suggestions.